Monday, November 22, 2010

HELLO Base Camp....

While the cartridge library is saying goodbye to BASE CAMP, I am saying HELLO!!

I normally do not buy a lot of font carts, but a few months ago when everyone was finding carts at Joann's for 10 bucks, I figured it was well worth it. So glad I did because in the last Hello Thursday email, PC announce they were retiring this cart.

Rina thought it would be a great idea if we all did a project with this cart. For those of you who do not already own it, it is a very great cart!! The font is wonderful. I saw on the MB that Okie said it is one of her favorites. For my project, it worked WONDERFULLY!!!

I decided to get out the IMAGINE and the SHRINKY DINKS.

My two girls love accessorizing. So I took some plain necklaces that they had and added an initial charm. Now, the great thing about BASE CAMP, is that they have each letter (both lower and upper case) with a circle already attached to the top to make a charm.

I loaded Base Camp into the left side of the Imagine and Best Friends (Imagine Cart) into the right. The girls chose their favorite patten from the book. I flood filled the letter. Cut it out at 2.5". I flipped my image so that the shiny would be the front. I also mulit cut (2), Pressure (6), Blade (6) Speed (3). Then Print and Cut. Moved it over to the oven (325 degrees) and watched it shrink, curl and flatten out to a perfect 1" size. I spun on a jump ring into the hole and added it between the beads of their necklaces. Very quick and so easy!!!

Of course you do NOT need the Imagine to do this project. You can still cut out on the Expression or Baby Bug. You can either color it with colored pencils or permanent markers before shrinking in the oven.



Nadia said...

I LOVE your charms!! I just discovered making charms too with shrink film and love it. What a great idea to make initials!

mommyfink said...

Very cute Liza! I am seeing charms everywhere...gonna have to get my supplies out and make some again. It has been awhile since I did that.

Your girls are going to love them I bet. Hmmm....I bet they would make great stocking stuffers for my girls too.