Monday, November 22, 2010


Thank you again to everyone who is following us!!

Last week Rina posted some Q's about us in exchange for a Gypsy cover. While we had some great guesses, and very persistent contestants, there was not anyone who was completely right. So RANDOM.ORG chose the winner!



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Yes, I skipped the post that Rina, Dawn and I commented on.

Here are the CORRECT answers

1. How many sons does Liza have?
Just one, Mason
2. Where does Dawn live (City)?
Muskegon, MI
3. What kinds of dogs does Rina own?
Weiner Dogs
4. How did the three of us meet?
April 2010 Chicago, IL. Cricut Demo Army Training. Rina and I (Liza) had talked on the MB about meeting up once we got there. We stuck together the entire four days, we had a great time!! All of the girls there were broken up into 4 groups to discuss the CAKE and our responsibilites as Demonstrators. Dawn and I were both in the Green group. We sat at the same table during all the classes. Unfortunately Dawn was sick during our trip and wasn't able to go out sight seeing or anything with us. On departure day, we had a short class in the morning and all waited for our return flights home. Dawn and I sat outside the hotel, soaking up the sun and chatted for hours!! I am so thankful that PC gave me two new friendships!!!
5. How many grandchildren does Dawn have?
Dawn has 11 grandchildren. Lucky grandkids, aren't they!
6. What high school did Liza graduate from?
Athens Area High School, Athens, PA
7. What is Dawn's business website?

8. What did Drew dress up as for Halloween?
Drew was one of the cutest Tigers I have ever seen!
9. What did Mason dress up as for Halloween?
Mason has been a superhero for the past four Halloweens. This year was none other than Tony Stark....AKA IRON MAN
10. What is Rina's favorite chocolate?
White Chocolate Godiva

Thank you all for getting to know us!

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mommyfink said...

Wow are one very blessed Grandma!!!!!!!

Thanks guys!!!! I love owls...I am so excited!!!!!!