Monday, June 27, 2011

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming.....

Why do all vacations weeks seem to fly by??    I can't believe after all that planning and how long the day was on Monday, that our week is over, we are back home, back to work and back to our summer schedule!

What an AMAZING week.   I could not have asked for anything better.   The hotel was AMAZING, the sun was AMAZING, the kids were AMAZING!! 

Quick run through:   plane delayed 2 hours so we didn't arrive until 1 AM.   We decided day 1 would be a pool day.  WOW, the pools were amazing. {kiddie pools, waterparks, tube slides, lazy rivers}   The hotel was gorgeous and we could have never left!

{this was one of seven towers at the hotel}

Disney was wonderful, but oh so HOT!  It was 103° and 101° while we were at the parks.  Thankfully we rented a stroller so the girls could be under shade, however it also trapped in the heat.

Magic Kingdom was like heaven for the girls.  They loved seeing everything there, we did lots of rides and shows.   They lasted from 9am - 11pm at the park.   Mason left at 6pm as he couldn't take the heat any longer.

Day 2 was spent at Hollywood Studios.  This was the first time for even the adults to be there.  I really thought Mason would love it since it was all about TV and Movies. He did!  We were running all over the park like crazy trying to catch all the shows that happened to be within 5 minutes of each other. 

We waited in line at Toy Story Mania for over 2 hours.  This was one of those moments where we tried to keep the kids having fun and not realizing the time that was passing.  We watched Lights Motors Action and it was amazing....stunt driving at it's best.

When we left this show {3k ppl packed into the stands} Mason yells out "Hey Matthew!"  So here I jump in and say, "Mason, it's not who you think it is, you don't know any of these people"  Boy was I wrong.  "Look Mom, it's Matthew and Mrs. -------"  I couldn't believe it.  We are way up in PA and now at Disney and there is a friend from school.  WOW!

So the last day we quickly packed in the morning and headed to the pool before the car came to pick us up.  Good Bye warm hot sun, amazing pools and rock star hotel.   The drive to the airport was an hour, the kids were so hyped up and not ready to come home at all.   Once we made it to the airport we waited in line to check in and again...."Look!"   There was a friend from Emily's school with his family.  They were on the same plane and sat right in front of us on the way home.    Back in PA, the weekend was dark, cold and wet. YUCK!


The only things I had time to make.   I added a red HTV Mickey head to a new pair of swim trunks for Mason {they matched his sisters blue and red polka dot suits} and I used my YUDU to screen the Mickey head on these white backpacks.  They used these bags for autographs from the characters. {the few that we saw}  

Now we are back to washing dishes, sweeping floors and making lunches.  I thought Cinderella stayed in Disney!



Kristie said...

My husband and I are going to Disney in September, can't wait!! Great pictures, how fun that your kids saw friends there!!

L.B. said...

Glad you had such an amazing trip. Hope you saw that your inspried my post last week.I left the link her again for you.

McVic said...

how fun!I have a blog award for you over at my blog! Please stop by and get your blinky!

kkcfortney4 said...

what a fun week was had by all, too bad it was so warm though...What hotel did you stay at? it sounds wonderful...thanks for sharing, smiles from wet and grey Puyallup WA

Janeen said...

I bet they were so excited to find out they were going to Disney! Sounds like a wonderful trip that the kids will talk about for years to come! These are the memories that will last a lifetime! Sorry that Cinderalla had to come back with you...but better her than Grumpy! :) lol

Missie said...

Sounds like an awesome vacation! Thank you for sharing your trip with us!