Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Henderson Holidays Pt 2


The kids spent the day home from school making some ornaments for the tree.

First up...clear ornaments into GLITTER ornaments!!!

A bottle of Glitter It and the plastic bulbs that Michael's has this year {I am VERY happy I didn't have to use glass with them this year}. This weeks sale on them makes them 36¢ a piece!!! I did have them stick to the holiday colors we are using, but they were ok with it. Ooooh...and I used some embossing powder in some too. Gave it a nice powdery smooth look.

This is one with light pink Embossing powder inside

White glitter
{the little tubes from Halloween in the Joann's $1.00 bins}

MS {fine} glitter NEVER disappoints!

They love making the glittery mess all over the table, and I actually didn't mind it much either. I knew what the end product was!!

They also made some snowflakes out of popsicle sticks.

Emily, age 4

Thanks for looking

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