Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Birthday!

Summers mean Birthday's! At least they do here in our house.   All of my kids have a summer birthday.   As a late Fall birthday-er, I have always wanted a summer party.  Well, until I realize that now you can't have a school party or hand out invitations to all of your friends.  Boo!

{2006 - a week old}

Thankfully...we have lots of friends outside of school and we had an awesome teacher last year who wrote down addresses for us.  YAY!

{1st birthday}

My mini-me Emily is 5 today!  HOLY COW!!   It does not seem possible.   In the last week she has lost her first tooth and learned to tie her shoes!  
{2nd birthday}

 Her party is in a couple of weeks, but today we celebrate family style.  A day full of anything Emily wants to do.   So far her list is crafting with Mommy, making a pink cake with pink icing, going to the zoo, getting presents, and going to a "fancy" restaurant {anyplace with a waiter and a candle on the table}.

{3rd birthday}
We will see what she really decides on doing, I will stand by ready for anything.

{4th birthday}

Where does the time go?????

Happy Birthday my sweet little Emily!



L.B. said...

Love all the birthday photos. Isn't is crazy how they grow up like that?

Cindy said...

Awe, happy birthday Emily. Adorable pictures. Loved seeing each year. Cindy

Emily said...

Happy Birthday to Emily! Such sweet pictures :)

Mrs. Green said...

This is a great post going through the years. Happy birthday to her! Those eyes!

GSMama said...

Happy Birthday My Little Friend Emily!! Glad you had a good time tie dying last night!!

Especially_For_You said...

She is beautiful, Happy Birthday Emily! Looking forward to seeing your great creations, I am now a follower. :)

I would love if you stopped by my new craft blog, Made Especially For You.