Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some Printables

I spent some time last week deciding how I was going to plan my days with the kids.   Normally, they run the show. {sad, but true!}  I have been telling them that I am going to attempt enforce a schedule.  I need to keep my sanity, they need to be patient and not fall apart over the summer being lazy and spoiled.

I typed out the times and events I plan to follow for the weekdays.  As much as I know it is summer and they have to have some fun {I allowed plenty of time for that} I need to make sure they keep with a schedule and responsibilities.  Have you made a summer schedule?   If you'd like to make one using this template you can downloaded it here, open and add in your own times and events.

Subway Art.  Word Art.  Text Art.  There are many different names for these adorable prints available all over the web.   I get a lot of mine from other bloggers offering free downloads.  Eighteen25 seems to always have great ones for all the holidays.   I print them out in different sizes, stick them in a frame and add them around the house.  I love it!   I happened to make my own for this Spring and I thought I would share it with you.   You can download it here.


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