Thursday, June 2, 2011

It was a beautiful day!!

Despite the disaster that I had to cut and pull through to get a yard back, with the help of family and friends, we did it! On Friday night, I couldn't think straight.  I had been awake at 5 AM, just staring at the yard wondering how the in the world I was going to have this party that she wanted so badly.

Saturday morning came, my dad, hubs and a close friend were hauling load after load away so that I could work on decorating for her party.  They did an AMAZING JOB! 

And Madeline had her princess party!!

You almost didn't know that behind me was still a HUGE pile of trees!

I seem to pick a color scheme and RUN with it.

Made these cute little tags for the sandwiches.  Very easy to do using WORD and a lollipop stick.

Yummy Sweets!! 

We surprised her with her birthday dress in the morning.  She was so excited.  She loves anything poofy and frilly!

She loves to dance.  Walks everywhere on her toes.  She is now currently living in these shoes.

Love this cake!  It turned out exactly how I wanted it to. I have been using the same baker for all of Madeline's birthdays and she is just amazing. 

Missy's Cakes & Bakes
or you can visit her on Facebook here

Love these straws.....they look so fun.

Her dancing stage became our backdrop for most pictures.  So happy we made it.

I love this picture. Everything came out so wonderfully and it was all like a dream....
{since the night before was a nightmare!}

Thanks for looking!   Hope you are all enjoying the week.



Sonya said...

What a dream come true for any little princess. An adorable party filled with perfect accents--well done, mom!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

A splash here and there said...

Everything was beautiful! Your little girl is so cute!!! Great job, Mom!

BTW where did you get those sweets jar containers? They look gorgeous!

cdm317 said...

What an amazing clean up! It was a party fit for your princess! The pics are awesome, I bet you get some nice scrapbook pages from them!
Colleen (gonescrappin)

Jenna said...

you did amazing as always , Liza! what we do for our kids :)

Brenda said...

She is precious!! So glad she was able to have her princess birthday. Every little girl needs a princess birthday. You did an awesome job despite the obstacles.

Dr Sonia S V said...

What a lovely daughter you have and so much care you have taken to make her Bday special. My little one celebrated her 5th Bday recently and she also got a pink frilly princess dress!
Cheers from Bangalore ,India
Dr Sonia S V

Rebecca said...

Your daughter is truly ADORBS!! And you can tell she loves loves her bday dress.

How old did she turn? I'm just wondering because my baby girl is turning 2 and I'm not yet ready for these kind of elaborate parties and wanted to know how much time I had left. LOL!

You did a great job! So right...the things we do for our kids.

Pat N. said...

OMG, Liza, YOU did an amazing job! How beautiful everything is - looks like it could have been a wedding party! Your daughter is so lucky. You should be a party coordinator!--Pat N.