Thursday, April 28, 2011


What a week, these storms have been crazy.  Beautiful days and windy, crazy thunderstorms roll in in the evening.   Wonder if that has anything to do with this massive head cold and congestion I have going on.

While I have been unable to focus on crafting...I did have this to share with you.

Cute, right!

Where does the title of this post fit in?   Keep reading to find out!

First, lets start with this...

Measure up 9.5" and cut

Flip over the shirt, and cut some more

My teeny tiny girl's waist is only 18".  So I drew 9" x 6" and cut through both layers of the shirt

Now, flip those right sides together and serge or zig zag the edges together

Turn it right side out and fold inward in half.  Iron to create a nice crisp edge, be sure to keep your seams lined up.

Back to the bottom of your shirt you cut off.  Use a running stitch, loose tension, long stitch around the entire thing, so that you can pull your back string and gather up.

Now, take the tube part and slide it over the top of the skirt, being sure all rough edges are together.  Pin in place all the way around. 

Sew down with a straight stitch about .5" into the edges, so that you can be sure you are sewing in the pleats on the skirt.   I went around it one more time with a zig zag stitch to keep it from pulling apart or fraying inside.

Tada!!  Again, I will say.....Cute, right!  This was so easy.  This was not my idea.  I was blog hopping months ago and found this on Make it and Love it.   At the time I had just cleaned out my drawers, so I had lots of shirts to use.  I did make some modifications to her directions, as I was using a smaller sized shirt to begin with.   It worked, I love it, Emily loves it!!



Jan said...

That is AWESOME! I am going to keep that in mind when I am cleaning out my drawers next time.



Pat N. said...

What a great way to repurpose your shirt!! Your daughter is super cute! Liza, head over to Craft-e-Corner. I think you won a cartridge!! Woohoo!--Pat N.