Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Notepads

I did it! I finished all Mason's class valentines.  He did a lot of the work himself, I was very proud of him.  He came up with the sayings and then searched all my carts looking for the image he wanted.   I helped with the choice of papers, and laid out on the mats, selected the sizes, but he made all the cuts!

Since we were working with smaller images I decided to assemble them myself, I didn't want to cut them all over again.

I was unable to capture any pictures BEFORE he wrote them out to his friends, which tells me he loved them and was excited, so I can live with that.

We started out with strips of paper 3.5" x 8.25"  
Scored at 1", 1.25", 4.75", and 5.0"
Folded these to make a matchbook

We took computer paper and cut it out at 3.25" square and placed about 30 sheets of each inside each matchbook.  To do this, I first stapled together the stack of paper, and then ran a line of hot glue to the bottom each book {into the bottom .25" you made}

Here's the inside.

The sentiments were all printed out on the computer using Mom's Typewriter font.
We printed that on a 3.25" x 2.25" white cardstock and used the ATG to apply it to the front.
Cuts were from the following:
Create a Critter {Dinosaur, cut at 1.75"}
Sweet Treats {Cupcake, cut at 1.75"}
Rock Princess {Guitar, cut at 2.25"}
Create a Critter {Bird, cut at 1.75"}
Variety of colored cardstock was used for all of these cuts.

I used an old Christmas Studio G stamp set for the "To: and From"  Should have stamped before assembling, the creases didn't help with a clean stamp.  However, I didn't realized I would be doing that until they were finished.  Oops!  Next time I will think ahead!

Thanks for looking and I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Weekend!



Missie said...

super cute! Looks like you put a lot of time and effort into this! You are an awesome mom!

Sonya said...

Super cute--I bet those will be the favorites of all the kids!

hamptongal said...

what a neat idea.

L.B. said...

Super cute idea!!!