Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Craftroom Pics - pt 1

I said I would start to add some pics of my craft room, so here they are.  It's not yet completed and there are still so many more things to finish and organize.

While I was in Salt Lake City, for the Cricut Circle Swarm, my parents and husband started to build this room for me in our basement.   It's not a big basement at all, and its the only storage space we have for the house.  So, for me to get this much space is AWESOME!!!  It took a lot of cleaning and hauling out to even get it ready for walls.  I am not a basement person, spiders, webs, and god only knows what else...but I braved it all and cleaned and cleaned to get the opportunity to have this made for me.

This is my sewing , YUDU and picture taking area.  The end shelf holds shoe boxes filled with threads, elastics, yarn, needles, scissors, small scraps of fabric, my glue gun and extra glue sticks, the Knifty Knitter, polyester stuff, etc.   The Cutttlekids dies are in there too.  To the left of this counter is a small table the Emily likes to work at. 

You can see on the counter is my hand made photo light box.  It works really good.  I have a lamp I plug in and point in there when its time to take some pics. 

Under the counter is this 25- shoe shelf made by Closet Maid.  I have all my vinyl rolled up in here.  Transfer tape, Cork rolls, clear contact paper.  The 12" rolls fit in really nicely.  Having it all separated by color really helps me find it easier and not waste as much.

Here is my YUDU station.  It is a bit deeper than my counter, but it works just fine.   I keep all my inks, paper towels, water bottle, etc in the cabinet below.   The cabinet to the left has some fabric and hair clips in there. 

All of the cabinets I have here are Closet Maid.  They are only about 12" deep, so I have some secret storage room behind them all under the countertop.  There are lots of things I don't use all the time, but do need to keep in this room.  It's really nice to have that extra space.

I know I need a lot more finishing work. I really need some art work on the walls.  I am just so happy to have this space for me!!  Room to work and I am not in the way or making the mess upstairs.



Sonya said...

Nice work area!!

scrapperbecka said...

Looks great Liza

Missie said...

Love the shoe organizer for vinyl. I think I have one of those in the basement...may have to break it out!