Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sweet Leftovers!

Many of you are probably thinking I am talking about food. When I am actually talking about my fabic leftovers!!!

I have been trying to organize and reorganize for days, all while two little girls continue to make a big mess.   Today was a little different, Emily came up with a great idea.   She was playing around with the left over fleece I had from her skirt {there wasn't much to work with}, she started cutting out hearts and laying them on top of longer strip.  TA DA!  Her new scarf was made.  

 This is when I first realized what she was doing.  I quickly grabbed the camera, so pretend you don't see the mess all over the floor.

After she had her pattern all laid out, we used FABRIC TAC on the back of each heart.  It was the best and easiest way for her to make this herself.

 After it was all dry {I waited about 6 hours} I hand sewed a button on the top right heart and made a slit in the top right heart on the other side.

Now she can button it so it won't fall off.  The best part about this fleece, the slit that I made won't fray or tear anymore.

TAA DAA!!   Here's my little designer, so proud of her new scarf!

Thanks for coming to check out our newest project.



ShawnfromMN said...

This is so precious!!!!! She is so talented!!! Way to go!!!

Tracy said...

What a cute idea. And she did it all by herself. We are all proud of you,

Scraps and Stitches MadeByAnne said...

Whatn a great idea! She is very creative!

JJewel said...

Super cute and great job little scrapper!! My daughter can use my gyspy and E as well as I can! She get's 100's on all her school projects but she is tired of the other kids saying "yeah your mom did it". I don't think any of the parents at my school have a cricut. Even the teachers have asked her to cut things for them if they buy the paper...LOL I wish I had been a member when you could enter your school to win. My school really needs one!