Friday, January 28, 2011

Everything in its place

While I am still trying to organize and find a home for everything in my craft room, I find that I am very cheap.  I mean, why would you spend $40 on a drawer to hold things that you only bought for 99¢??

So while I realize I am a cheapskate {ha!}, I spend probably too much time online looking for cheap new ways to store and organize.  About a year ago I noticed that I was holding onto a LOT of scrap paper.  It was just throw all over, every thing I opened up, more scrap paper.  I came across a great blog that mentioned the use of USPS flat rate boxes.  They store the 12" length just perfectly....however after the year, they needed HELP!

I did move them down to my room, for lack of anything else to use.  I hate every second of it.   While searching and searching, I knew I wanted to use the wide Sterilite drawers, but again I am way to cheap to spend $13 on 3 drawers.   Then I found it!!  Walmart graciously offers these same drawers in a pack of 3 {that's 9 drawers} for only $30 if you buy online.  Site to Store, shipping is free.   I'm in, SOLD!   Much happier, it finally feels like they are PUT AWAY!

All messy, half of them falling out
the boxes all smushed and collapsing..YUCK!


All nice and pretty!!  

I will be uploaded some more pics of my room soon!



JJewel said...

Very nice organizing!

Susan said...

Your new paper organizing looks great!! I'm a huge fan :)