Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quick and EASY!

If any of you know Emily {my daughter}, you know she's SUPER SKINNY! She's got legs that don't stop and a waist of a 1 year old. So finding pants for her is literally a PAIN!

Yes, they are the adjustable waists, but that doesn't even seem to cut it. So, I whipped up a belt for her real quick. Super simple and really fast!!

I found a post on another blog with the directions months ago, and for the life of my I can't remember where.

I used 20" of 1" cotton webbing {belt looking material}, 26" of satin ribbon of choice 5/8" wide, and 2 D rings. I could have used Fabric Tac glue, but since the sewing machine was already out, I sewed it up real quick.

Lay the ribbon over the webbing, sew or glue to the middle all the way down wrapping the extra 6" around one end to the other side. Only do this on one end.
Take the end where the ribbon and webbing started together and slide on the 2 D rings, fold over them both and sew real good. You're done. That's IT!!

The colors and combinations are ENDLESS, for boys and girls.

No more pants falling down!! Woo Hoo!!

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