Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am a very involved and active member of our Elementary School's PTG. One way we raise money is through the Box Tops 4 Education program. In the past it has just "been there". Not very much has been collected. This year we decided to make a new committee for this program. We held our first FAMILY FUN NIGHT in early Oct (I missed it, since I was out in UT at the Circle Swarm), we really took this opportunity to inform parents how important this program is to our school. It's FREE MONEY!! Why wouldn't you support that???

Anyway, our first submission was WAY HIGHER any other collection we have EVER had!! I am so proud of our efforts and those of the parents and students.

To remind them everyday about this program (because we all know those notes do not always make it home) I made a LARGE sign to post outside at our Morning Drop Off Circle.

A variety of cuts from PS and Gyspy Wanderings make up the most of this sign. It was very easy to break it down in simple shapes. I used Street Sign for the font.

Cricut Vinyl and some scraps from a local sign shop. Board was purchased at Lowes. 2 ft x 2ft. I still have to mount a post to it. I'll take new pics when it has it's new home!

If you're school collects Box Tops, please save for them!!


The Bug said...

Great Project Lisa! You are right it is free money and so easy to do! Congrats on your biggest collection ever!

Valerie said...

I LOVE this! Box Tops are SO easy but it's easy to forget to save them. What a great reminder!

Rina Salazar said...

very cool! What kind of board?

Diane M. said...

Great job. We love our Box Tops program.