Thursday, October 28, 2010

Didn't Give Up!!!

Morning everyone!! I feel as if I have slacked off on posting here. Truth is....I have a HUGE mess in the other room, full of lots on INCOMPLETE projects! On Monday I thought I had caught the flu, it was a really rough day. Now, here it is Thursday, I have just come back from the DR office, with inconclusive findings. They thought it looked like Strep (which I've never had) but the tests came back NEG. SO I am currently on 5 pills of one thing, 10 tsp of another (both antibiotics) 12 tsp of IB Profen, and 9 tsp of Tylenol A DAY!!! Oh, and only cold foods that I do not need to chew.

Desperately seeking relieve from the pain in my neck and ears.........and some sleep would be nice!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Trick-or-Treat and Halloween with all your little monsters.


Rina Salazar said...

Feel better soon! Being sick sucks!! At least you're at home and not on some sort of trip!

Nana Donna said...

Hope you feel better and get back to crafting