Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Creativity is MESSY!!!

How true is that?! So I had a flat rate box of paper sent from the SLC Swarm and Lisa Sim, aka Tupperstamper, was so kind enough to help me and send it for me.  I've been working on cleaning my scrap area since I've been back... and it's an on going thing for me.  So tonight I finally found a spot for all this paper that came from SLC and so I opened it.  I've had it for over a week but I didn't have a place for it so I didn't bother opening.  Well this is what I found inside that Lisa made for me:

Isn't it awesome!  I had to laugh to myself (out loud, of course!) cause it's so true in my case.  I've cleaned up quite a bit but this is how my room looks right now - at least part of it cause I couldn't show you that I have stuff piled on my Imagine!!

I have many more photos and ideas for organization.  Check out my blog at www.beyondpaperbyrina.com for more photos in the next week.  I've been very busy and haven't had time to update my blog but I promise to do so soon!

Thanks Lisa for the awesome tile!  I'm so embarrassed that I didn't thank you sooner!  I was very surprised to find the gift!  The saying on this tile is PERFECT for me (and I'm sure for most scrappers!)  

It's also very inspiring for me to do something with the tiles that I bought a year ago!  And Lisa is the person that showed me Regional Supply in Salt Lake that had all that vinyl!!  I have everything I need to make some cute Christmas gifts!


tracy_richball said...

Rina, Now I don't feel so bad about how messy my room is. That is a great present and does apply to most of us.

Missie said...

What a wonderful gift. It would be perfect in my scraproom- If I could find it...LOL.

Rina- I think this would be a fun "challenge". Challenge your readers to post a picture of how their crafting space looks- with out cleaning up for the picture

The Bug said...

I LOVE this tile - I can so relate! Thanks for sharing!