Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I needed some simplicity

.....from everything!

Somethings things seem to come at you all at once.    I feel that I am pretty good at scheduling and keep things in order, but sometimes I just would like a SIMPLE day.  No where to go, everyone to eat the same thing,  no fighting, no whining...just be!

One of my favorite things about papercrafting and having my craft room is the "me" time it give me.  The peace....I cherish it.  However, I usually have 2 little girls down there, making a HUGE mess and  fighting over one sticker.  So my "me" time is slipping away.

Sometimes I go to my craftroom and curl up on my chair and sit...............and do nothing!  It feels GOOD.

I saw the Hello Kitty Greetings box laying on the floor {perfect place, right!} and thought I'd scroll through the handbook to pass the time.  I love the bright colors in that book, so happy!  But all I could think of was those two little girls who made this mess that I had to clean up....grrrr!!!  

So with a twist...change up those colors and it's a little less kid friendly.

Core'dinations and Echo Park {For the Record} papers
Hello Kitty Greetings - card feature fit to page {4.5"}

Quick and simple....add it to a gift bag and use as the tag.



Missie said...

This is beautiful Liza! I love how simple it is. Your projects are always so beautiful, yet pretty detailed, and I know I could never recreate them. at least I could do this one! TFS!

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

Very pretty shaped card!!! beautiful job! -Sam :)

greenbean said...

simple is how i roll! i'm in love!...