Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day

Do you know anyone who IS NOT ready for Father's Day?   Well, now you do....ME!   I am not ready at all.   Yesterday was a crazy, busy day.   In the end, worked out terrific!   The kids did everything that was on our schedule, without question.   The one child I thought was going to be the worst {Miss E} was my BEST!!!  It's amazing how I can show them the "bad" parts of their day on a chart and they sure straighten up.   Madeline, unfortunately, was the worst.   She still carries that "I'm the baby, I can do whatever I want" rule.   Not happening sister!    Today we are going through toys and bagging them up for a yard sale tomorrow.   Lot's and lots of books!  Wow. Mason had TONS of books.  We took the girly ones to the girls room and bagged up some more for the sale.  

Back to Father's Day.   Thankfully there are some AMAZING freebies out there.  This is my ticket ♥

Shindig Parties

Lots of great printables, cupcake toppers, tags, banners, etc.

created by:

This is such a cute idea.  Any dad would love to hang this in his office!

Created by:
Pink Ink Doodle

I love printables!!  Whether I find them on another blog or I make them myself.

So....what are you doing for Father's Day??  The kids are upstairs changing so we can attempt our gift.   Wish us luck!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  Don't make him work too hard :)



Georgiana said...

That picture with the letters is a keeper! Thanks for sharing. I need to work on a my cards today or tomorrow too.

Josie0602 said...

Another cute photo idea!! I love it!!

Emily said...

Super cute ideas!