Thursday, March 10, 2011

My own stamps!

No, I am not selling you stamps!  I love love love all the ones that are out there, so I will leave that all up to them.  These are just a few sentiments that I think of when looking at my handbooks.   When I get a new cart, I always cut it open and immediately flip through the handbook.  I have a note pad where I write down the page # and the first thing that comes to mind, whether it be a color or a saying.  

The other day I found that list BURIED under scrap papers and decided to make some of them up.   Last December I had made a few stamps with my Teresa Collins Stampmaker. It was the first and only time I had made a stamp.  Yes, intimidating at first, but not for long.  It works amazing!!  Following just the instructions included with the machine, I was able to make 13 sentiments on two medium imagepaks.  This was only my second time!

This is a picture of my stamps in a CD case, this is my front cover.  There is no theme here, just a bunch of random phrases I would like to have.   I am sure they are probably out there somewhere, but this way I didn't have to buy 6 different sets. 

It really does only take 3 minutes to make these, pretty impressive!!

Can you see how well raised the letters are?  They stamp so nicely.  Now that the hard part is over and I have made them....let's use them!



Kristen said...

I love your stamps you did a great job.

Jenna said...

very cool! I have made some with the cricut but and they work pretty well but def not as raised up as those! That will def be added to my wish list!

Sonya said...

Now that's just cool. I need to look into doing that!

Paula Puckett said...

What a great idea! I use my Gypsy for making my own sentiments. All my font carts are on the G. I'll have to look into that stampmaker. I just started collecting stamps last week and I would love, love, love to win a set of your stamps! Love your blog site too!

Creations By Crystal said...

I wish I wasn't so intimidated by that stampmaker. I'd love to design my own stamps (for personal use). Hey----maybe I can pay you to make the ones I want. Ha!

Sharon said...

Great stamps! I've got the Stampmaker too, had some frustrating experiences, but also some success. The smaller words actually seem to make better impressions which surprised me. I hope to post pictures soon on my blog of the last group of stamps I made. They'll be at

lisastuf said...

Wow, these are awesome and what a good idea to get inspiration from your Cartridge books!
I've been wanting to dive in and try to make my own stamps also, but haven't been brave enough yet.
You've made me feel a little easier about it though, since you said it wasn't that hard!

Elaine said...

Those are great sentiments, that sounds like a really cool machine!

Saskia said...

What a great idea! Is it possible for you to make a little tutorial? I've tried to make a stamp with my address but it failed :-( In which program did you make the word phrases and did you make the phrases all at once? I know a lot of questions, but I'm from the Netherlands, I have a stampmaker and if I can make phrases in my own language it would be great, so I'm very curious!
Thanks and have a great weekend,

Cindylu2u said...

Love your stamps, such sweet sentiments!!

Anonymous said...

I got one of those machines, haven't used it yet... I will try to keep watching your stuff to learn how to use it.. It looks like sooooooooo much fun..