Monday, February 7, 2011

Recycled Crayons

Since we've been stuck inside with all this snow, we cleaned, and cleaned and cleaned!!!  Found lots of lost crayons out of their bucket....most of which seemed to be broken.
Never fear, Mommy has read somewhere what to do with all those crayons before you just throw them out!!!

I usually bookmark all my favorite "how to's" but I do recall this one being in the middle of the night, so I must have forgotten.  So "kudos" to the other mom who posted this before me!

Let's start with all your broken crayons {or some you might want to break} and a silicone ice cube tray {any shape}  I got this heart shaped one at Target in their dollar spots.  You will be able to find these cheap, check your Dollar Stores and Target.

Tear off all the papers and break into smaller pieces {if you need to} to fit in the trays.   Mix and match or stick with solid colors, its totally up to you!

Place in a preheated oven at 200°.   You should place your silicone tray on a cookie sheet to make the transfer easier {I did not, SHAME ON ME!}   Set your timer to 20 minutes. 

Here we are, out of the oven.  All melted and you can see a little that we mixed some colors together.  I took a toothpick to help swirl them around a little.  Let it cool down completely before popping them out.

These would be cute wrapped up for a valentine!



Missie said...

Super cute! Thanks for sharing...I'm thinking this would be a great way to recycle all of those broken crayons (and maybe the ones that don't color well- read cheapy ones)

Tracy said...

Very cute! I have a gallon size baggie full of crayons and half of them are broken. Guess I need to run to Target! :)