Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy ♥ Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

If you celebrated over the weekend, I hope you had a wonderful time.  Of course, if you are celebrating today, get off the computer and go love someone up!!! 

I have been ahead on posts for quite a while now. Which means I am really writing this on Thursday (last week), so I might have a few posts for today.  For now I want to show you another Layered Cake Skirt I made for the girls.  Luckily, they wear the same size skirts, so I can make just one.

If you didn't see the last one I made, you can see it here.

So, before I show you the skirt, let me tell you that I actually made a matching shirt to go with it.  Again, I am a beginner seamstress, but I can rock out with my Cricut!!! 

Here's the new skirt

I followed all the steps on Prudent Baby's tutorial, and I added the tulle to the bottom layer.

This was very simple to do.  I took a roll of tulle that I had 6" wide, folded in in half and put into the sewing machine with my stitch length on 5 (widest) and my tension on 4 (tight) and it ruffled it right up perfectly!
I was very excited and stitched this right to the bottom of the hem.

So, now comes the matching shirt time.  I loved this fabric when I found it, and I immediately knew how I was going to match it.  Emily had a long sleeve pink shirt that we picked up at Target the same color as the pink hearts.  So we started with that.   Now, the question was YUDU? HAND PAINT? IRON ON VINYL? 

Then I remembered finding all that stuff while I was moving....I HAD THE PERFECT ANSWER!!!

I found these at JoAnn's early in the summer.  On clearance, as you can see, I paid $2.97 for 2 sheets of glitter iron on sheets.  I also bought some flocked sheets too (black and white). 

I used my Gypsy to resize hearts from the Sweet Treats cart.  I laid them out in the winding pattern like on the skirt fabric.  I cut it once in the pink, then flipped it to do the black.  Again, the black is flocking.  I love how it came out!! 

I am not sure if you can still find this stuff in any craft stores, but for the YUDU, PC does selling both glitter and flocking sheets to apply.  Also at Expressions Vinyl you can buy Heat Transfer Vinyl , currently they have solid colors and black & white flocked. 

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Jan said...

That is really cute!

I saw those glitter iron on sheets at the local fabric store. I may have to go a pick some up.

Staying Crafty said...

Super cute set! :)