Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Easy, CHEAP bulletin board

While searching for new ways to organize my things, I found this great, CHEAP way to make a bulletin board.  I am in need of something on my walls, I made this to display some of my cards.

Luckily I had everything on hand to make this, so I didn't need to run out to get anything.

Started with this

A piece of foamboard from the Dollar Tree $1
Some scrap fabric that I had
Packaging tape

You can cut down your foamboard to make this smaller if you'd like, if you want to use a specific fabric you have.  Just be sure your fabric is a bit bigger all the way around than your board.

Iron out your fabric, and lay face down on the table.  Place your board on top of the "wrong side" and start pulling and taping down the edges.  It doesn't have to look pretty at all.

See, not pretty at all!

Really, that's it!  You're done.  Now flip it over and get it up on your wall.  You can use small nails, those sticky velco things, anything.  It's so lightweight that it will be fine.

I used some small white head pins to hold my cards on with.

I made sure to tuck them behind a cut so you wouldn't see the hole once I take them down.

Thanks for looking!!


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