Saturday, January 29, 2011

Expression 2

The new big machine is called the Cricut Expression 2: Anniversary edition. 
- It operates through wi-fi, so no more pesky plugs for those of you using Design Studio

- It is digital and offers the ability to save settings so you can make a setting for vinyl and save that.  Blade is still a manual adjustment.

  • Uses cut files from both Cricut and Imagine cartridges.
  • Color digital screen replaces the need for overlays.
  • Customize color insets with  your favorite color.
  • Sleeker design.
  • And so much more!

No word on pricing just yet...
I need one.....Gregg just doesn't know it yet :)



Wende said...

Oh wow, think this will be on my wish list!!!!

JJewel said...

That is so cool!!! It would match my scraproom perfect. My E has started making some weird noises :( I think it's still under warranty though.

JJewel said...

OH, I just noticed no overlays......I have the Imagine and the Gypsy but I go to the E because of the overlays. It is so much easier for me to use the overlays than the digital. I wish they would have kept the option of using either!