Friday, December 3, 2010

Henderson Holidays pt 4

Burrr.......I am remembering that I do NOT like the cold!

I am loving the fun that we are all having with our Activity Advent Calendar. I had found a book at The Christmas Tree Shop that gave the history of Advent Calendars, it was a great book and now the kids want everything in 24's around the house!
Let's recap this weeks events:

Day 1 : Snowflake day

We cut out snowflakes from paper and also made some more popsicle stick ornaments.


I decided I would give them a day off from all the good work they've been doing. Lucky me, they still helped out without me asking. They have really taken on these new responsibilities and made me so proud. However, that didn't seem like an activity so we read
"Waiting for Christmas"

My kids really liked this story. They now understand why I only made 24 boxes.

Day 3: Christmas Movie & Popcorn

Tonight after dinner we will all pop up some popcorn, make hot chocolate and cuddle under the blankets. I believe tonight's showcase is THE GRINCH

Hope everyone is enjoying December and planning all your family activities.

Have a great weekend!

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