Thursday, December 23, 2010

Giving The Gift of Sweet

This year I am spending my Christmas in the Philippines with friends and family - lots of friends and family.  One of the things that they love the most to receive from me is chocolate.  So this year I brought large Hershey bars and Cadbury bars.  Instead of wrapping each one like you would a gift, I did something a little different this year.  I did bring my handy dandy Cricut Baby Bug but I am embarrassed and sad to say that I forgot the cord that connects my Gypsy to the Cricut.  I didn't bring any cartridges, only my Gypsy so until my cord arrives with Paul next week, I've had to improvise and use what minimal supplies that I have.  I suppose Cricut didn't exsist at some point and we had to use other tools...

So I slowly unwrapped each bar and measured the original wrapper and cut papers to that size.  I had two kinds of chocolate bars and I had two sizes.  I cut the name of each bar and glued it to the back of each wrapper so they would know what they got. I then wrapped each one and used my ATG to glue the ends together.  I found ribbon, raffia and abaca to wrap each bar around the middle.  I then made rosettes with scraps that I had and put some bling in the middle.  They turned out pretty cute!  I didn't adhesive any part of the the wrapper to the bar foil so that they could easily slide the bar out and save it.

 This picture on the right side is 6 pieces of Ferror Roche that I took from a box from Costco.  I wrapped them neatly in cellophane and wrapped abaca around it and placed a rosette in the middle, like the bars.  They also turned out cute.

This is a very excited face by my cousin's daughter.  She is also into papercrafting but the quality of the products are different here so I will leave her my baby bug to use and my left over supplies.  She'll be spending a few days with me so I can show her what to do.  I'm super excited for that!

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