Monday, November 15, 2010


Hello Everyone!! How was your weekend?? Mine was GREAT!!

While I didn't get alot of paper crafting done, I did get a lot of things accomplished. All the summer stuff is stored away, the leaves are all raked, and the snow shovel is moved to the front of the garage.......

My husband and I put up the sign at my son's school for the BOX TOPS program, we made a wonderful shoe rack for our foyer that looks AMAZING! and I cooked up a mean pan of lasagna.

My kids have completed one week of their chore responsibilities. I decided since the girls are still a little too young to really understand I would keep it simple. I made a list of all the simple things they can do to help me throughout the days. Hang their coat up (not leave it on the floor), put their shoes on the rack (not in the middle of the room), put their clothes in the hamper (not ALL over the house), help feed the cat, put dishes away, clean the table after dinner, etc. All things that I felt they were more than capable of helping with. In exchange for them doing this I made up Chore Change and DID IT! Dollars.

All the simple chores are worth 1¢. I know its not a lot, but they really like it. My son is thrilled he has made $2.54 this week. If it were real money, it would have been lost in the yard or dropped down the sink. This is working great for us! They can decide when they would like to cash in on a new toy or something special they feel they "need".

I used 1.5" wooden circles from Michaels. Designed the label on the computer, print and cut out. Used Mod Podge to seal them up. Covered both the front and back. Color coded them for different values.

As for the Did it! Dollars, my thought behind this was a BONUS. Something where they really deserved it. My son's report card came in, not as good as I had hoped, but he was far from behind. (Crazy mom who always wants him ahead, I need to probably lay off). The girls have kept their room spotless for over a that IS A BONUS! (for me ☺)

I printed these out front and back on business card paper. Works great!!

The kids have been learning how to exchange their change, even my 4 year old is learning that two nickels and one dime are the same.

Funny story..... We had my parents over for dinner last night. Seven people and six chairs at the table. So we brought down the girls table and chair set from their room. After I carried down the table, my daughter goes to our money cup (the loose change jar) and brings me a penny. She says, "Mommy, thank you for helping me with my table,
here ya go, you deserve this!"

Hey....its working! How do you reward for chores?


Rina Salazar said...

What a great idea! I love it! It's a great way to teach them the value of the dollar without worrying about losing the real stuff.

Brens Designs said...

What a wonderful idea! Love this!!!

scraphappysteph said...

Love this idea!! I may make some for my kids.

The Bug said...

What a lovely idea! Great job and what a great way for the kids to learn about helping and money!
Hugs, Wini